Ordinary people, such as you, can make a significant difference in the lives of children. Child S.H.A.R.E. is with you every step of the way as you journey through the process of opening your heart and home to children in the foster system. There are several ways in which you can choose to be involved.

Foster Care

Involves the temporary care of a child (or children) who has been removed from his or her home due to abuse, neglect or abandonment and is now in state custody. A child remains in foster care until such time as he or she is able to return home safely, be placed with relatives or is placed in an adoptive family. You can choose to foster an individual child or a sibling group, a child with or without special needs, and a child within an age range of your choosing.

Foster to Adopt

Involves care for a child (or children) where the foster parents have indicated a desire to adopt the child when and if that is possible. Foster to adopt parents understand that a child they are fostering may or may not become eligible for adoption by them.

Respite Care

Involves caring for a child (or children) in foster care for a short period of time (generally anywhere from 3 days to a couple of weeks) while the child’s foster parent(s) tend to family emergencies. Respite care parents complete the same training and home study process as foster parents.

Emergency Shelter Home

Emergency Shelter Care parents are available to provide immediate care for children who have been detained by Social Services. The goal is to provide care for the child until it is determined whether or not the child will remain a dependent of the court. This can be a few hours up until 30 days. Usually it is desirable to have previous experience as a foster parent before serving as an Emergency Shelter Home parent.